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Qualities to look for in a money manager

Finding the right money manager can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The following should help to narrow your search down.

1: The Fund Manager
2: Skin in the Game
3: Long-term Historical Performance
4: Concentrated Holdings
5: Low Turnover of Stocks
6: A Fund that has not Grown too Big, or is too Small/Illiquid

ONE: The Fund . . .

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January 02, 2015

Problems with money managers

1: Their performance just isn't good enough

The vast majority of fund managers will fail to outperform their benchmarks in the long-term, after their fees have been deducted. This is the wealth management industry's inconvenient truth. You will generally be much better off buying a 'tracker' ETF or fund that tracks the . . .

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November 24, 2014

Why guerilla finance?

The online Oxford dictionary defines guerilla as: 'A member of a small, independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger, regular forces.'

For guerilla finance, the larger, regular forces are institutional money managers, whose services are not fit for purpose. The next post will offer some more detailed . . .

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November 24, 2014

Some questions to ask yourself

This post is intended as a short, common sense introduction to financial investment for normal people who have some spare money and don't have time to work out what to do with it. None of it is intended as advice.

ONE: What are you investing for?
You should be looking to make a 'Real Total Return'. This means your return after it . . .

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November 12, 2014


'To invest successfully, you need not understand beta, efficient markets, modern portfolio theory, option pricing or emerging markets. You may, in fact, be better off knowing nothing of these. That, of course, is not the prevailing view at most business schools, whose finance curriculum tends to be dominated by such subjects. In our view, . . .

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November 05, 2014